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Egg n Beanz tackle some of life's most important questions.

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Paint pots & knife crime 010


All national tragedies could be SOLVED if the government would just consult Egg n Beanz before they do stuff.

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An Introduction to Egg n Beanz 009


As a new era of EnBz begins, we examine how we individually found ourselves in a place of wanting to dedicate our lives to rock in the first place.

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Beanz reads about a gentleman that spent 438 days at sea. Consider this episode a formal request to the creators of any Youtube channel with the means to recreate this ultimate story.

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Adding insult to injury 007


Alex and Kingsley play "do you remember". Beanz has sustained some pretty gruesome injuries in his time but Egg's collection of diseases are way worse.

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Limerance and war 006


Why does war even happen anyway? How long can you wait before you double text somebody? Are we brainwashed? All these answers and more.

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Kingsley's bday 005


This one's all about the King. To celebrate the completion of his 25th year on the throne, we really get down the nitty gritty of what makes Kingsley Walker royal.

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amo review 004


Just how bad is Bring Me The Horizon's new album really? We delve into the trend of heavy bands releasing pop music, and examine the effect that trap has had on the genre in recent years.

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Stardrops and scams 003


Wisdom sharing session today as we talk about phones, theatre and dropping out of a British university.

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Europe badboys 002


We briefly touch on the perception of consciousness before remembering the time we looped around Europe in the winter. on overnight buses. in real life.

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2019! New year same us 001


We made a pact to record 52 podcasts in 2019, one for each week. Here we are recording an episode for the first time on Sunday 6 January.

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