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The fleshy paradox 020

Can we quickly take a minute to feel proud of how far the theme tune has come in just 20 short episodes. A true gift to the earth.


Post-show debrief 019

This week we played our first show of the year, kicking off Egg n Beanz 2.0 and releasing some new songs into the wild. We talk about that, the axing of Jeremy Kyle, the intense IPL final and other weird stories from the internet.


Rockers only 018

5 days until our first gig of the year, we're tearing our hair out cos we had a hard day at rehearsal. The podcast is just getting in the way now.


Where Is Our Keyboard Now? 017

Two weeks to go until our first gig of the year. We take an hour out to collate our saved articles of the week.


Alex's bday 016

This time it's Alex that turns 25 - we dig out some of the questions he asked Kings not three months ago.


Multi-Millionaire 015

This week we chat Star Wars trailers, where we're at with original Egg n Beanz tunes, the gigs we've got coming up, and why Alex is such a massive recluse. To be fair, all the historical G-bags were.


This is us 014

Still no brand new midi keyboard in our lives. Can anybody recommend an app for finding sugar daddies ?? Other than instagram.


Stop the clocks 013

Daylight savings leaves us hanging once again, just as the EU votes to get rid of it. Unlucky for us, I guess.


Night-time podcast 012

Zombie Sundays in the shed this week as Egg endures a series of unfortunate events in the rush to get back for the podcast before bedtime. We should have known it would have gone wrong, he's not famous for being punctual.


Cyberhall of mirrors 011

What makes a person want to sling poo in a public place? Egg n Beanz ponder the possibility that humans naturally receive strange impulses - and how that might be part of being human.